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    Thea Crawford has had a passion for hats her entire life.

As a little girl, she would run around the house wearing a tea cozy on her head. Her mother taught Thea to sew at a young age, so when she made an outfit, she always made a hat to match.

     Thea graduated from the Costume Studies programme at Dalhousie University in 1996, and began work as a tailor's assistant for the Canadian Department of National Defence.

     In 1998 she went to the world-famous Stratford Theatre Festival in Ontario, Canada, where she worked on a tailoring team, building men's costumes for the stage. Later that year Thea attended a Masters' Millinery course at the Banff Theatre Festival in Alberta. Her childhood love of hats became a career in millinery. Thea has also taken numerous courses in France and England

     Since 2004, Thea has returned to the millinery department at the Stratford Theatre Festival, learning new techniques and perfecting her craft. She brings her professional training and considerable expertise to design and create the own one of a kind hats.

"If you are going to wear a hat at all, be decisive and go the whole hat.

In making a courageous choice of millinery,

you have nothing to lose but your head"

-The Bedside Guardian-

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